Know our hair products

Know our hair products

We all get inspired by celebrities and their Instagram pictures. Be it an amazing outfit, a great vacation place, or gorgeous hair. We tend to copy them in every way possible, but is it possible to get shiny hair like them? Yes, it is!

Everyone wishes for soft, bouncy, and shiny hair, right? Getting this is possible, but we need to opt for the right way and the right products.


Select The Right Products

It's very important to take care of hair nourishment because that is the ideal path to get shiny and bouncy hair. So make sure you choose the products that suit your hair. Usually, it is said that products that have natural ingredients are perfect for every hair. So here is a list of products that you must try: 

The Unisex Factory Shampoo with the Hydrolyzed Pure Keratin & Wheat Protein Shampoo :

The Unisex Factory Shampoo with the Hydrolyzed Pure Keratin & Wheat Protein Shampoo is all pure and filled with natural extracts to provide you with the best care and healthiest hair. Keratin Protein in this hair smoothening shampoo helps make hair smooth, shiny & straight. It also relieves dryness while deeply repairing damage caused by color treatments. There are so many of us who are allergic to different kinds of chemicals and preservatives, that's why we have created this wheat protein shampoo which is chemical-free and should be suitable for all scalp For Best Results uses with The Unisex Factory.


The Unisex Factory Conditioner:

The Unisex Factory Conditioner is specially formulated with Keratin & Argan Oil conditioner to revitalize hair & deliver super conditioning & prismatic shine to the hair after keratin treatment. Deep-conditioning to heat or color-treated hair for smooth, straight, and tangle-free hair. The Unisex Factory Conditioner makes hair clean, healthy & full of body. ensures keep long-lasting treatment results.

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